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Book Opinion: The Other Widow

Book Opinion:  The Other Widow by Susan Crawford.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.18.11 PMThis was a book that I found while waiting for my kids at Target.  I always seem to head straight to the book section while my two kids are over by the video games and music.

I read the summary and decided to add it to my “To Read” list and checked it out the next time I went to our local library.  I was pretty excited to start this book because it sounded so good.  I was however, a little discouraged by its slow pace.  It took me awhile to really get into it.

Dorrie is having an affair with her boss Joe.  One night they are out for a drive and he tries to end the affair telling her it is not safe for them.  That drive turns deadly for Joe as his brakes fail and he crashes into a tree and his airbag does not go off.  Dorrie escapes from the accident with only a few scratches on her head.  She leaves the scene as not to ruin her own family and Joe’s family by exposing that they were together.

The story centers around Dorrie, Karen (Joe’s wife), and Maggie (an ex cop turned claims adjuster).  Each person is trying to figure out what exactly happened to Joe and why.  Dorrie starts to investigate and it does not become safe for her.  Not to mention her husband is acting a little strange (perhaps because he knows of the affair).  Karen is angered with Joe’s indiscretion but is trying to make sense of it all and is curious about their failing business that Joe never mentioned, and Maggie is trying to figure out whether it was truly an accident or not and her “cop senses” are working for her.

I wish I could say that I connected with one of the characters but I did not.  I felt bad for Karen as here was a woman who thought her marriage was fine and finds out after Joe’s death that he was having an affair.  I felt Dorrie was a woo is me, I am the victim character.  Maggie was the most interesting of them all.  I do wish the characters were built with a little more of a backstory then they had.

All in all I would recommend this book but just to let you know that it moves slow in the beginning.  Please check out the attached link to see what other books that have been written by Susan Crawford  Keep on Reading!

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Help!! I have a problem!!

Help!! I have a problem!! Or do I!! Went to the library yesterday to return one book…..and came home with 8 books! Not to mention I have 4 more at home that have been checked out. Of course I sent a picture of my stack to my BFF telling her I have a problem. I always joke to my BFF about her LuLaRoe obsession telling her I’m going to hold an intervention for her. Let’s hope she doesn’t decide to have one for me! 

I think what happens is I go through my phone, which is where I have pictures of the books I want to read and I feel like I have to find them all at once and check them out all at once.  Then I check them out, read them and forget to delete the picture once I’ve read the book. So not only do I have a problem of checking out books, I have a problem with keep tracking of books I want to check out and books I’ve read.  I need to come up with a game plan on how to tackle my reading “to do” list.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! 

Now off to tackle my stack!!

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Once again… I go again!

I have been struggling for a long time with writing my blog.  It is something I really want to do.  I think that the main reason is to share my love of books with everyone. To me, if I am struggling to write about my love of books and the books I read then something is not working right.  

Light bulb moment!!!  I realized the reason I haven’t written is that I feel I need to have a formal review of a book. When really all I want to do is summarize the book; with the least amount spoilers mind you, and give my thumbs up or thumbs down. I really want blogging to be an extension of what I love doing.

I’m no book expert, which I never claimed to be, I am just a mom, a wife and a book lover who wants to help others embrace the joy of reading!

So, if you are looking for formal reviews, you will not find them here.  However if you are looking for a place to find suggestions of good books to read look no further!

Wish me luck and once again…here I go again!

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Here I Go Again!

I think the title of this post says it all…. Here I Go Again!

I’m sure you know where I am going with this title.  It has been an extremely long time since I blogged, a year to be exact.  So much has happened since then that blogging was put on the back burner.  I had grand plans to up my blogging last fall, as I worked (at the time) part time at a school.  However an opportunity opened up that I couldn’t pass up and it turned into a full time position!  I have always been lucky and stayed home with my kids, worked from home, and once I went outside of the home to work was able to have decent hours, summers off and all the days my kids had off.  So needless to say that when this opportunity opened up as all that would change was my hours I jumped at the chance.

The sad part of me taking this opportunity meant that I had to put a bunch of things, goals, ideas, etc on the back burner.  Blogging and reading being the main ones.  Plus I had to learn how to balance everything at home and start to throw in some exercise!  Needless to say it has been a very busy year of adjustments and balancing.  I still do not have it quite down, but I know in time I will.  I know that I have to make sure I carve out me time to read a book, blog and just find “me time”.

This is the second beginning at blogging.  I just want to say thank you to everyone that still followed me and did not give up on Books a Girls Best Friend!! You will be happy to know I currently have a stack of books to read and just finished one that I am working on my book review/opinion so watch out for a review on Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little.

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Summers End

Well, it’s official. Summer is coming to an end!! I look back and realize I didn’t meet my blogging goals and I fell short of my reading goals. I’m okay with not meeting those goals. In return I had an incredible summer spent with my family and my best friend (A and her family).  As my kids grow older, 12 and 14, I want to spend as much time as I can with them and cherish every moment I have. 

Every summer I make plans to complete all these projects and do all these things and then I stress out when I don’t do them. Not this summer though, I decided to step back and just enjoy life. 

Now of course this doesn’t mean I didn’t make it to the library….several trips and several stacks.  I have been slowly working through them!

Once everyone is back at school and we are back in a routine I’m sure I’ll set some more reading and blogging goals and hopefully I’ll meet them. But if I don’t, that’s okay too as long as I’m enjoying life and reading my way through it!!

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Book Review: Once Upon a Lie by Maggie Barbieri

Book Review:  Once Upon a Lie by Maggie Barbieri

Once Upon a Lie is a story about a divorced woman, Maeve who owns and runs her own bakery. Maeve’s cousin Sean Donovan is murdered and it looks like the prime suspect is her father, Jack, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Not only is Marve dealing with trying to clear her fathers name she is trying to handle parenting her two teenage daughters with her ex-husband.

I am a big fan of mysteries and this book definitely kept my attention. One minute I thought I knew who killed her cousin then the next minute I didn’t and then I did. I felt this way throughout the whole book. It kept me guessing up until the end. 

There were some characters that I felt the author could have left out of the story because I wasn’t sure what their purpose was. I could see a little bit of myself in Maeve when she was trying to handle parenting her teenage daughters. I have a son and daughter and I could relate to her frustrations and wanting to protect her children.  

I would definitely recommend this book if you like to be kept on your toes.  Click on the link and check it out

Maggie Barbieri
Enjoy reading!!


More Than One…

Lately I’ve been thinking about trying to read more than one book at a time. To some this might be something that comes naturally. My BFF (A) can do it with no problem. I however, am not very good at it. I asked my DD (B) if she can and she said she is currently reading two books. Although she didn’t seem too confident that it was something she was enjoying doing. Why would I be thinking of doing this you ask, because there are so many books that I want to read and I feel like I do not have enough time to read them all. 

I did make an attempt to read Grey by E.L. James and Once Upon A Lie by Maggie Barbieri but they were both two different Genres that I felt that I couldn’t keep things straight. Strange I know but it’s true. I also didn’t want to miss something in my reading and enjoyment of each one. 

Maybe once I finish Grey I’ll start a novel from my library stack, yes I have another stack again, and also start to read the self help book Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


Book Series Opinion:  Hush, Hush Saga

I started the Hush, Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick several months ago and have finally finished with the last book Finale. The first three books in the saga were rather quick reads. However the last one seemed to not move as fast.

The saga is about a normal teenage girl , Nora Grey, who falls in  love with a fallen angel. For many reasons they should not be together but are.  Eventually you come to find out that not everything is what it seems about Nora or even most of the characters in the book.

What I liked about all three of the books is that it kept me on my toes and there was a lot of stuff that I did not see coming. I felt like I was finding out things about Nora just as she was. I usually try to guess when I read what is going to happen but with this series it threw me for a loop and I had no chance. This was a nice surprise for me and I enjoyed the books more because of it.

I would highly recommend this saga to anyone interested in Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance. 

Click in the link below and check out more about the Hush, Hush Saga! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!!

Becca Fitzpatrick

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Confession Time

I have preordered Grey by E.L James……

Yes, it’s true. I also have read all 3 books in the Fifty Shades of Grey Triology. Oh and I saw the movie. 

I worked in a book store when the books first came out and I watched them fly off the shelves. I heard many opinions about the books but never really planned on reading them. Fast forward a few years and the movie came out. Still no plan to watch it. Then my dear husband decided to surprise me for Valentines Day and took me to see the movie. I read all the reviews about the movie. Heard all the complaints so when he told me we were going to see it I was intrigued to see what all the hype was about. It was surprisingly not a bad movie. I looked past all the sex and really looked at the story. Now I know many of you may disagree with me so please feel free to stop reading this post. Of course now that I saw the movie I had to read the books.

The books….. Again I went into reading them with an open mind and looked past the sex. I knew they were not literary works of art. So I was prepared for that. I looked at the characters and thought here are two people who are drawn to each other and are trying to work through their issues. It was definitely not your typical fairy tale.  Did I look at it as a love story…in a way. Did I feel it was degrading to woman…not necessarily. I think that it’s a matter of perception. 

Spoiler alert!!!!!! 

Here was a man who liked sex a little different and a woman who wanted hearts and flowers but yet deep down there was a part of her that enjoyed what he introduced her to which she was afraid to admit to. Does it make either one a bad person….no, it does not. He gave her a chance to get out of their “relationship” and find something different.  She fell in love with the person he was inside and together they eventually worked through all those issues. 

I think the books show that not every relationship is the same and perfect. It allows readers and viewers, that are perhaps into other things besides “vanilla” sex to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

When I heard she wrote a book from his perspective I knew there was no doubt that I was going to read it.

So, you can bet that once it downloads onto my Kindle Thursday morning I plan on reading it right away! I will keep you posted on my thoughts of the book. 

Remember, looking at life with an open mind allows you to have many experiences that perhaps you might have been closed off to.

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Hello Summer!!

Hello Summer!! It is the middle of June And I have not posted in about 3 months. Not good…. Sadly not only have I been lacking in posting I also have had to slow down my reading.  I’m not happy about either things happening.  With that said and summer starting I have decided to come up with my own summer reading and blogging goals. So here they are:

1.) Read a minimum of 11 books this summer…. Why 11, well there are 11 weeks of summer vacation so I figure a book a week. 

2.) Post on this blog a minimum of 4 times a week…..why 4, you’ve got to start somewhere right.

So here goes!! Wish me good luck and feel free to check out my book suggestions page and suggest a book to add to my summer reading!!

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